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Little Loops' mission is simply to invest our time, ability, and our best efforts into good ideas. We are professionals seeking to craft new & better experiences for brands & software. Working together & working hard, we are continually seeking good ideas & the people that are attached to them.

“My vision became real...Little Loops has demonstrated expertise, passion and diligence, and I’m convinced they can build anything”

– Doug BellPresident, The ExperienceLittle Loops client since November 2011

We are creatives on your warpath


We are creatives on your warpath

  • Development stack of HTML 5 / CSS / Javascript
  • Focus on mobile ready, responsive applications and sites
  • Full stack development, including software and database architecture
  • Experience with DevOps and server configuration

Dylan - Full Stack Engineer

Born in Alaska, Dylan had plenty of time to spend indoors tinkering with computers. He's been in the tech industry since 16 years old, and programming for 12 years. As a developer and project manager, he's worked on everything from small Mom & Pop shops to multi-million dollar projects. He loves the fast pace of the ever-changing tech world, and is happy to call his passion for creating new things with technology a career.

  • Motion, Print & UI designer
  • Experienced in launching brands & messaging on a national stage
  • Screenprinter & studio photographer
  • Joyful slave to a cat

Binder - Creative Director

Binder's head is filled with colors, images, fonts, lyrics and absolutely no hair. Outwardly, he works like a madman in heat and emphasizes the content of concepts in the work he creates. Inwardly, Binder has a supportive and strong character that lends itself to working with clients toward success. As a message-driven visual communicator, he rigorously trained in the elements of typographic style to couple with his photographer's eye to capture a creative and authentic approach to every project. He lives the belief that it is only through knowledge and understanding that a true solution can be realized.

Little Loops

working within boxes & thinking without them


Our messaging work

Audience centric messaging reinforces the targets of our designs and stem from a brand's strategy. At Little Loops, we put the emphasis on the audience when advertising so that the brand might both speak loudly and be heard. Type, video, imagery and messaging all work in concert to support a singular purpose; each element of our visual communication is created and tailored to simultaneously evoke emotion and action.

Custom Web Apps

Our web application work

Great software ideas require a team that will see the big picture, understanding not just technical needs, but your business and your users. Our developer/designer combo ensures that great user experience is woven into the development process from the start. With the rise of mobile computing, Little Loops is able to deliver websites and custom applications that offer great experiences on multiple platforms. We'll work together to take your vision to its full potential.


Our branding work

Company objectives are strengthened and augmented by the presence of a unified and calibrated brand image that begins with an understanding of the company and the industry. Branding must approach targets through the lens of the marketplace. We have years of experience working with large companies to build national brands from this core that becomes a guidance system for people both inside and outside the company's sphere of influence.

We work in bullettime